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GFRC concrete is a type of lightweight concrete with many commercial and residential uses. It can create flooring and ornamental work as well as walls and foundations. At Ka’ala Concrete Designs, we provide affordable, high quality GFRC concrete for customers who are looking for a great material for their next or current project. We offer installation, maintenance, and repair, and we would be happy to help you with whatever you are working on.

GFRC has many uses and benefits:

• GFRC Concrete Countertops—Concrete countertops are very popular today. A GFRC concrete countertop is durable, affordable, and sustainable since it is made up of significant quantities of recycled materials.

• Great Appearance—GFRC concrete has a lot of flexibility when it comes to design. This allows it to reproduce many different architectural styles and features. It has the ability to replicate any surface detail and can reproduce the appearance of materials like stone, terracotta, and marble.

• Durability—When it comes to your countertops, walls, flooring, or foundation, you want the material to be solid and durable. GFRC concrete is corrosion and rot proof, allowing it to last for years on end. It is able to stand up to blasts and rough elements as well. It is impervious, which means that water will not be able get in.

• Light Weight—The light weight of GFRC concrete is one its most appealing benefits. It can be cast in thinner sections and is as much as 75 percent lighter than similar pieces made from traditional concrete. When it comes to countertops, GFRC concrete allows for the counter to be only an inch thick as opposed to 2 inches thick with regular concrete.

If you find yourself interested in GFRC concrete, then Ka’ala Concrete Designs is the company for you. For service in Honolulu, HI give us a ring today.